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Execute calculations with SaveraRide Desktop Edition without internet connection. The installer package will install the offline version of SaveraRide Desktop for your PC or Laptop.

Web Edition vs Desktop Edition

SaveraRide comparison chart
DescriptionWeb EditionDesktop Edition
Rail guide calculations
Valid guides
Calculations summary
Exports to PDF
Users registration
Project storage
Projects list
PDF storage
Emailing of summaries
Calculation upgrades
Last version


Operating system

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. Versions x86-x64

NET Framework

SaveraRide Desktop requires NET Framework 4.0 package or higher. You can download it from the Microsoft web site at

SaveraRide installer will check if the .net platform package is needed.

Web explorer

Internet Explorer 9 o higher. Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer may require the Intranet configuration active for the application. Intranet configuration enabled is required for SaveraRide.

Download list

Web Edition v2.6.0.4

Versions table
21/10/2018 Legal Notice 83MB
28/12/2016 SaveraRide_2_4_1_3 85MB
06/05/2016 SaveraRide_2_4_0_2 78MB
04/26/2016 SaveraRide_2_2_1_1 78MB
04/05/2016 SaveraRide_2_2_0_1 78MB


SaveraRide Desktop Installer contains two aditional packages, iisexpress and vcredist. SaveraRide Desktop can be uninstalled from the SaveraGroup menu. If the complete product uninstall is required then it can be done from the control panel, manually uninstalling each package.